Driver First Class

Driver First Class is not a position which can be had easily.
Only full-time residents of Arizona may apply.

This position requires:
– Full Share Financial Contribution.  [1]
– Mandatory attendance at 75% of team meetings.
– Mandatory attendance at 60% of team build days.
– Mandatory contribution to major services and repairs.
– Mandatory attendance at Load Out.
– Mandatory attendance at Pack In.
– Mandatory attendance at event driver meetings.

Benefits include:
– Full vote on all event entries.
– Full Share Drive Time in all events.
– Use of any team vehicle for local Training/Track days/HPDE/AutoCross [2]
– Full Vote on all vehicle upgrades and modifications.

Send email to eric[DOT]cope[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

[1] One-time contribution of $5,000 AND minimum investment of $2500 PER EVENT.
[2] Vehicle transportation and fuel cost at your own expense.