A legitimate race team is far more than just the drivers. Race Crew is everything.

Professional and big league Amateur race teams are made or broken by these unsung heroes who spend most of their time in the paddock, garage, or pit lane.

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We are short-handed at every event.  This includes vehicle work-days and travel prep, caravan days, and return trips.  It takes at least two hours to pack our gear onto trailers, RV’s, and trucks.  After driving in a race that is three times longer than the Indy 500, the drivers & mechanics are showing signs of wear.

Crew members get to experience the excitement of managing the “behind-the-scenes” chaos which rarely gets publicity.  Running the radios, spotting, managing the cameras,  and assisting with driver changes are key functions at every event.

We aim for 55 minute driver stints with < 5 minute driver changes and refueling stops.  If that sounds incredibly slow, wait until you try it!

Crew Responsibilities:
1. Show up.  We will pay your Crew Entry Fee. (Typically $75-$100 per crew member.)
2. Be attentive, proactive, and safety-conscious.

If you see something which needs to be done, the answer is always “Yes.”

Unfortunately, crew members are not permitted to drive the car on the track during either practice or an event under any circumstance.  Auto racing is an exceptionally dangerous sport and an unlicensed driver will void our insurance.

If you’re interested in crewing for one of our events send an email to :