Arrive & Drive

Arrive & Drive!

Want to experience the thrill of driving a legitimate race car on a road course track but don’t have the time or money to invest in a car of your own?  This option is for you!

With Arrive & Drive you get Full Share Drive Time.

We will enter at least one car in each event and each event requires a minimum number of drivers.  Full Share Drive Time is calculated as : “Number of available event hours” (divided equally between) the “Minimum number of drivers”.

For example:
LeMons Event:
Friday      : 8 Hrs Practice.
Saturday : 8 Hrs Racing.
Sunday   : 6.5 Hrs Racing.
Total Drive Hours = 22.5
LeMons minimum number of drivers =4
Full Share Drive Time = 5.5 Hours.

We participate in multiple events per year in the Southwestern United States including Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

$450 – Deposit  [1]
$1000 – Entry Fee  [2]
$1750 – Seat Fee  [3]

What You Get:
Full Share Drive Time.
Car Entry Fee PAID ($150 value)
Driver Entry Fee PAID ($175 value)
Competition License fee PAID ($70 value good for 12 months)
Loaner SFI-5 Three-Layer One-Piece Suit ($300 Value) [5]
Loaner Helmet w/HANS pegs ($300 value).
Loaner Gloves.
Loaner HANS.
Meals & non-alcoholic beverages.
Option to camp in the paddock with the team.

Not Included:
Transportation to the event
Fire Retardant underwear and socks.
Racing Shoes (unless you wear a size 12)

[1] Refundable with 30 day notice of withdrawal.
[2] Due 72 hrs before event.  Refundable until end of safety equipment inspection.
[3] Due 12 hours before practice.  Refundable until start of practice.  [4]
[4] When the FIRST DRIVER is strapped into the seat, all monies are non-refundable. [6]
[5] You will still need to buy your own underwear($70), shoes($75) and socks($26).
[6] There is NO GUARANTEE OF DRIVE TIME.  There is no guarantee that the car will survive even a single lap of the track.  This is auto racing.  Shit happens.  If Driver 1 gets shunted into a wall on the first practice lap we all lose.