Memorial Weekend Work

Last weekend the team picked up a parts/donor car for the Toyota.  We were able to score a complete vehicle with a damaged transmission for $300 and this will give us an un-bent front suspension subframe, pristine exhaust Y pipe and quite a few other spares.  (engine, suspension arms, headlights, tail-lights, and so-forth.)

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We also had Ogre & Gator on deck to fetch the donor and get it back to the shop, so with at least half the team present we began the task of pulling the engine out of the racer.  There’s so much crap in the way of that engine we still hadn’t pulled it out by 6pm so we called it a day and ordered some food.  Over the memorial day weekend Doc & Stickers will continue the job and see how far we can get.

Stay with us for more developments!


Some other goofball has stolen our original race team name and so we’ve had to come up with something new.  We settled on “Wait, what?” because it’s the phrase most commonly uttered by every member of our team when a new event, expense or modification proposal is made.

Now that we’ve come up with a new name, we decided that we should have a site to help manage and coordinate events.  We intend this site to be a one-stop-shop where friends, family, and fans can find up-to-date information on our latest shenanigans.

First order of business will be fleshing out the site and adding media/pictures/video links.  Stay tuned!